Law Case Management Software

Lawsyst is an award-winning law case management software that helps attorneys and legal professionals manage all of their day-to-day activities. From a central location, attorneys can effectively keep track of deadlines, client contact information, billing, and more. The law case management solution also allows for the easy creation of detailed reports on case progress. Attorneys and legal professionals who use Lawsyst find that they have more opportunities to grow their businesses and achieve success.

We help our clients gain a competitive advantage by utilizing our software to manage their law cases more effectively. Our software is designed to make the process of case management easier, faster, and more efficient. We have a team of experienced developers who are constantly working to improve our software and make it more user-friendly. We also offer a variety of support services to our clients, so they can get the most out of our law case management software.

Lawsyst was created to help law firms manage their caseloads more efficiently and to help them stay organized. With Lawsyst, you can easily keep track of every matter, document, and communication. You can also create pleadings, court orders, and other legal documents quickly and easily. Moreover, you can manage your billing and accounting with ease. With Lawsyst, you’ll have everything you need to smoothly conduct every matter professionally and timely.

With the shift towards technology, attorneys and legal professionals will have more opportunities connect with their clients on the move. Lawsyst is an all-in-one law case management software that provides a solution to manage your legal matters from anywhere, anytime. With Lawsyst, you can automate your entire law case management process from creating new cases, managing files and documents, scheduling appointments and deadlines, to billing and invoicing. Lawsyst is the perfect solution for solo practitioners, small law firms, and in-house legal teams.

Law Firm software in UK

Lawsyst is a leading provider of law firm software in the UK. Our solutions are designed to make your life easier, improve efficiency and help you get more work done. We have over 10 years of experience in developing software for the legal profession and our products are used by hundreds of law firms across the UK.

We provide legal case and matter management software, client management software, trust accounting software and document production software in one integrated application. We understand that lawyers need to manage all aspects of their business in order to be successful so we designed our software with that goal in mind. Our products are simple to use and easy to learn which means you can be up and running quickly. We want you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time providing legal services to your clients.

Lawsyst enables law firms to manage their different offices and locations with a single software. The high-end supporting features make it easy for lawyers to keep track of their clients, case details, and schedules. It also helps to generate invoices and track payments quickly and efficiently. With Lawsyst, lawyers can save time and focus on providing legal services that matter. Lawsyst provides a centralized place to easily keep all your legal documents. We make it easy for you to find and access the documents you need, when you need them. We also offer powerful search capabilities so you can quickly find the information you need. Our goal is to help you streamline your workflow and make it easier for you to keep your business running smoothly.

Being one of the best law firm software in UK, we provide innovative technology that helps firms increase efficiency and improve client service. We provide a secure client portal that enables you to safely share and receive documents, files, and secure messages from anywhere with your clients. We make it easy for you to exchange information with your clients in a secure online environment. Our platform is designed with security in mind, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and confidential. We also offer 24/7 support so you can always get the help you need when you need it.

Practice Management Software

Lawsyst offers legal practice management software that helps to manage legal documents easier and more efficient. The software allows for the management of every kind of legal document with the help of a centralized system. The system is designed for lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals who wish to manage their workflow in an organized and streamlined manner.

Lawsyst was founded with a core mission to facilitate in-house legal counsels and legal departments with an advanced, end-to-end case management system. Our practice management software is intuitive and easy to use, making it simple to manage your documents and cases while providing valuable analytics that can help drive your business decisions. We are dedicated to providing the best possible software solution for our users, and we are constantly expanding our features and functionality to ensure that our users have everything they need to streamline their workflow and run their legal department more effectively. Lawsyst is the only legal practice management software specially designed for law offices, legal departments and individual lawyers. It enables them to track billable time and receive payment for their services.

Lawsyst specifically designed for legal firms and legal practitioners that helps you manage your cases, documents, contacts and time more efficiently. It offers a simple and efficient way to keep track of your work, making you more productive and successful. It helps to boost law firm productivity by automating the sales and marketing process, managing client relationships, and helping you make more money. Offering a simple, easy-to-use interface, Lawsyst helps you keep track of your time and expenses, as well as generate invoices and reports. It’s the perfect solution for small to medium-sized law firms, and it’s completely customizable to meet the specific needs of your practice.

Law Case Management Solution

We understand that running a successful law firm is hard work. That’s why we’ve developed our Lawsyst software to make your life easier. Lawsyst is a cloud-based case management system that enables you to manage all aspects of your practice from one central location, including contracts, clients, documents, and billing. With Lawsyst, you can streamline your workflow and improve communication with your clients. Moreover, our contract management tool ensures that you always have the most up-to-date versions of your contracts in one place.

Lawsyst offers leading law case management solution all around the world. Our cloud-based, secure, and easy-to-use law case management software enables lawyers to manage their practices more effectively and efficiently. Lawsyst is a cloud-based law case management platform that helps legal professionals manage their workflow more efficiently. It provides a centralised location for all case files, communications and tasks, allowing users to collaborate easily and track the progress of their casework. Lawsyst also offers a range of features for managing finances, appointments and deadlines as well as reporting and analysis tools. We are committed to helping lawyers run their businesses with ease and confidence.

Lawsyst is the most comprehensive law practice management software for legal firms and legal practitioners. It was created with the input of practicing attorneys so that it effectively manages the many tasks and challenges of a law office. From case management to scheduling to accounting, Lawsyst does it all. Moreover, our software integrates with top-of-the-line accounting systems like QuickBooks, making data entry a breeze. Contact us today to see how Lawsyst can help streamline your day-to-day operations and improve your bottom line.

Legal Case Management System

Case Management System

Legal Billing Software in the UK

Lawsyst is a comprehensive, cloud-based timekeeping solution that helps law firms improve their timekeeping practices and free lawyers from mundane time-recording tasks. Our solution automates the timekeeping process, making it easier for lawyers to track and bill hours, and providing management with real-time insights into firm productivity. Lawsyst also integrates with leading case management software, making it the perfect solution for firms looking to improve their timekeeping processes and maximize their efficiency.

Lawsyst is the leading legal billing software in the UK. We offer a simple, effective and affordable billing system for law firms of all sizes. With our online invoicing and time tracking software, you can manage your billing quickly and easily, ensuring that you always receive prompt payment for your services. We make it easy for lawyers to capture billable and non-billable work, while ensuring compliance with the latest legal standards. Lawsyst is the next generation law firm management system that provides a single platform to manage all aspects of your law firm. It offers smart reporting and analytics that help you work faster and smarter with more informed insights. With Lawsyst, you can manage your cases, clients, finances, and resources in one easy-to-use system.

Lawsyst was founded with a mission to make the process more accessible, efficient, and affordable for everyone. We have developed the most advanced legal billing software in the UK and are committed to making it the default choice for law firms of all sizes. With Lawsyst, firms can manage their entire practice from a single platform, including: managing cases and dockets, tracking billable hours, automating tasks and workflows, accessing client data and files, and more. Firms that switch to Lawsyst typically see an increase in productivity of 30-50%, as well as a reduction in administrative costs.

Legal Software for Lawyers

Lawsyst is a legal practice management software company that is passionate about helping law firms of all sizes run their businesses more efficiently. We offer a range of flexible and reliable legal software for lawyers that are easy to use and tailored to meet the specific needs of law firms. From case management and document management software to time tracking and billing tools, we have everything you need to streamline your law firm’s operations. Our products are backed by award-winning customer support, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible service.

Lawsyst is a company that provides legal software for lawyers. We provide a platform that allows lawyers to manage their cases, create contracts and pleadings, and track billable hours. We also offer consulting services to help law firms get the most out of their software. Our goal is to provide lawyers with the tools they need to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Our products are used by law firms of all sizes around the world, and we continue to develop new and innovative ways to help lawyers manage their businesses more efficiently.

We are one of the first company to bring an end-to-end practice management software to the legal market and our software is used by some of the largest and most successful law firms in the world. We make it easy for law firms to manage their cases, track billable hours, and stay organized. We have a successful record for being secure, effective, reliable, user friendly, and efficient. Lawsyst is now used by hundreds of law firms all over the world and continues to grow with new features and updates released regularly.

Legal Case Management Software

Lawsyst is a legal case management software that offers profitable solutions and reduce the overall cost of operation. The software allows firms to manage their cases, documents and clients with ease and in a more streamlined manner. Firm productivity can be increased significantly with features such as document automation, email integration and time tracking. Time saved can be reinvested back into the business, resulting in increased profits. Managing a law firm is hard enough and managing it with Lawsyst would be a seamless process.

Lawsyst helps law firms take care of all the cases and documents in a centralized manner. It offers a secure, easy to use interface for managing cases and documents, tracking tasks and deadlines, and collaborating with team members. Lawsyst also offers powerful search capabilities, reporting features, and integrations with popular legal applications.

Lawsyst is a secure cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. It offers freedom to choose the place, time and device you work from. It is easy to use and helps manage your caseload effectively. Our legal case management software enables employees of a law firm to work in a hassle-free manner. It is a cloud-based software that organizes, tracks, and manages all the cases of the law firm. Attorneys can directly access files, update case status, and collaborate with other attorneys on case documents. The software also helps in billing and accounting for the law firm. It offers data security, limited access to information, and other features that are essential to lawyers and law firms. With Lawsyst, legal professionals can manage their caseloads with ease and keep their clients’ data safe and secure.

Law practice Software

Lawsyst is a law practice software created to maintain the uniformity of data between the lawyer and client, as well as reduce the time lag between communications. Lawsyst provides law firms with the tools they need to automate their business operations. Our software helps firms manage their caseloads, document management, and client communications. We make it easy for firms to get organized and keep track of everything they need to run their business efficiently.

Lawsyst offers centralized repository of all clients, cases and matters for law firms. Our law practice software was created to help lawyers manage their businesses more effectively and efficiently. With Lawsyst, lawyers can keep track of their clients and cases/matters; store and access important case information; manage deadlines and tasks; generate reports on clients, cases/matters and practice performance.

Lawsyst is law practice software used by law offices all around the world. It helps manage cases, billing, documents, and more. It is used to make the process of practicing law easier and more efficient. It helps to work from anywhere, any time, on any device. With Lawsyst, you can maximize your productivity and get more done, whether you’re in the office, at court, or on the go. The best part is that Lawsyst is entirely cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. That means you can work on your cases no matter where you are. And since Lawsyst is fully mobile-optimized, you can use it on your phone or tablet just as easily as on your desktop.

Lawsyst is complete law office software that automates your business and eliminates the occurrence of human error. It organizes and stores your data, communicates with clients, manages your appointments, and streamlines billable hours. In addition to managing your caseload, Lawsyst also provides features like secure document storage and client communication tools. With Lawsyst, you’ll have more time to focus on what you’re good at i.e. practicing law.

Case Management Software UK

Case management Software

Law Practice Management Software

Lawsyst provides practice management software that enables lawyers to manage their cases, billing, and client relationships more effectively. It provides a secure, cloud-based platform that is easy to use and helps lawyers to become more efficient and productive. With Lawsyst, lawyers can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on practicing law. Lawsyst is easy-to-use and helps you get the most out of your practice. We help legal firms to choose the best practice management software for your office and take your legal team to next level.

It offers a single, secure platform to manage cases from initial intake through to conclusion, with powerful features to support every step of the process. Whether you’re a large corporate law firm or a small family practice, Lawsyst can help you work smarter and more efficiently, with less paperwork and greater control over your cases. With our software, you can manage every aspect of your casework quickly and easily, from initial client contact through to final settlement.

Lawsyst offers powerful web-based Practice Management Software Solution designed to control all the case/matters in your law office. It empowers attorneys with absolute transparency to their caseload and provides case administrators with a simple, yet effective tool to manage all case-related communication and documentation.

Lawsyst is the perfect solution for large and small law firms who want to go paperless and manage their law practice more efficiently. Lawsyst is a cloud-based law practice management software that allows you to do everything from managing your contacts and calendar, to creating and tracking legal documents, time tracking, billing and invoicing. Our software is easy-to-use and helps law firms improve their efficiency and accuracy. Our team of legal professionals are passionate about making the process simple and easy to use. With Lawsyst, you can get organized and work smarter not harder.

Lawsyst – Legal Case Management System

Lawsyst serves as the reliable law case management software system and undoubtedly your best partner-in-law.

lawsyst in a nutshell

Contact Management

  • Global contact directory
  • View communication history by matter


  • Apply pre-made workflows or create your own
  • Track case statuses
  • Track Employee productivity

Integrated Phone System

  • Receive and make calls with a click of button
  • Never miss a missed call™
  • Listen to call recordings
  • Attach voice memos with the matters

Case Management SYSTEM

  • Create, view and manage matters
  • Create correspondence
  • Control access

Billing & Invoicing

  • Time entries from phone calls or manually entered
  • Create bills, invoices and send via email or post
  • Post payments and create statements

Integrated Storage

  • Cloud or local storage
  • Controlled access from anywhere
  • Document management and archiving system
The Jewel In The Crown

Lawsyst is not an ordinary legal case management system, it is a platform that offers the best legal billing software in UK , the time recording software in UK and law firm software with truly integrated Unified Communication experience with real-time data from the telephony infrastructure. Our law firm software in UK unlocks countless perks for you .Time is money and we understand that!. Lawsyst offer the best solution in the shape of our time recording software in UK .

Address Book

  • Maintain easy company wide address book
  • Add new callers to the address book
  • Synchronise address book with mobile devices


  • See who is logged in and who is away
  • See user location
  • Can be used for HR purposes to establish attendance

Realtime Call Control

  • See real-time call progress
  • See if a user is on a call and if the call is internal or external
  • Click to call from any page
  • Transfer a call via click of a mouse

Realtime Chat

  • Communicate with co-workers via instant chat
  • Broadcast a message
  • See online or offline status

Realtime Recordings

  • Record external calls
  • Listen to external or internal calls
  • Recordings are attached with the case file automatically

Voicemail to Email

  • Get voicemail notifications on the screen
  • Send voicemails to email
  • Listen to voicemail on mobile devices on the go
CRM & Lead Management

Lawsyst has a built-in CRM ( Client Relationship management ) and leads management system with useful features rather than gimmicks that most users get confused with. Simplicity with power is the essence of lawsyst. CRM is all about the matter of your convenience.


  • Client relationship management
  • All communication at one place
  • Global contact list & more…


  • All leads in once place. See who is logged in and who is away
  • Manage leads funnel
  • Allocate leads and stay on top


  • Manage user tasks
  • Never miss a task
  • Achieve KPIs in time


  • Leads conversion
  • Campaign conversion
  • User productivity & more…

Leads from Missed Calls

  • Never miss a missed call™
  • Single click lead creation from a call or a missed call
  • Call back the lead with a single click

Website & Social Media Leads

  • Bring website leads into the system
  • Integrate Social Media directly into lead management system
  • Facebook integration
Billing & Accounts

With built-in legal billing software, the billing and accounts module that is tightly integrated with clients, suppliers, bank accounts, and local authority databases; you will save time by streamlining your bookkeeping process. Keep your worries aside with our legal billing software in the UK . All the solutions are just a click away.

Inwards Bills

  • Record inward bills from suppliers
  • Pay bill on time and avoid fines
  • Reconcile with payment methods

Outward Bills

  • Create bills for clients
  • Automatic bills from time entries
  • Automatic bills from phone calls


  • Record reimbursements
  • Approve for payments
  • Reconcile with bank accounts


  • Create invoices from Bills
  • Send Invoices via email/post
  • Send reminders


  • Post invoice payments
  • Legal Aid Entries
  • Received online payments

Account Statements

  • Generate account statements for clients, suppliers, and resources
  • Send via email or create a PDF
Marketing & Website Integration

Lead wastage is a problem that many firms face. With lawsyst, you can manage leads and improve your conversion rate. You can also measure sales team performance in real-time.


  • Collect emails addresses and send regular newsletters to subscribers

Email Marketing

  • Create lists for opt-in subscribers
  • Send marketing emails and generate more leads


  • Integrate website forms directly into the system
  • Remove duplication of data and tasks

Client Area

  • Offer client portal to see matter status, pay invoices, and upload/download documents.
Employee Productivity

The lawsuit offers various productivity tools that are integrated with clients and cases. As a law firm, you do not need to invest in additional tools apart from standard word processing and email clients.


  • A built-in calendar that is shareable with colleagues and assistants.

Tasks & Reminders

  • Create tasks for self or others
  • Get work completed by the due date

Email Integration

  • The outlook email is integrated. Emails sent to clients are linked with client communication history.


  • Synchronize timesheets with user time entries on tasks.
  • Integrate with the attendance system.


  • Work and collaborate on cases. Add notes that are available in real-time to others working on the same matter.


  • Work from the home, office, or abroad. Use a laptop or mobile devices to access data.
Distributed Architecture

Lawsuit is built on a distributed architecture which can be scaled to whatever extent that a business may demand. It can be deployed onsite or in the cloud and offers flexibility to co-exist. Lawsyst exceeds performance and user friendliness benchmarks by leaps and bounds from its competitors. Therefore you can tick it as a preferred legal case management system for your legal practice.


  • Scalable from a single user to hundreds. Start with a single server and build server farms
  • System grows as your business grows
  • On premise or in the cloud, public or private cloud


  • Each practice has its own dedicated secure hosting environment
  • Built-in firewall along with user level access control

Best Performance

  • Same technology as Facebook and Google use! Best for performance and scalability

No Licensing Fee

  • No expensive operating system or database licensing
  • An appropriate subscription with us includes everything you may need

Location Independent

  • You are not bound to a location. Need to move offices or need additional space? Just rent some desks; the rest is already there in the cloud.

Platform Independent

  • Lawsyst is a browser based system that runs on platforms with a browser. These include Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android etc.

Best Fit For Your Practice Area

Lawsyst includes features that are specifically designed to meet your practice needs.
Below are the practice areas that Lawsyst is best fit for