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Thanks to the UK’s most comprehensive legal aid billing system, you can now bill a criminal or civil LAA file just under a minute. That too, you dont have to be infront of a PC, let us demonstrate that and surprise you.

The UK's most complete Legal Aid Billing Software at your fingertips. Readily available CRM6, CRM7, CRM11, CRM18, CRM18a and more...

Accurate, Fast And Comprehensive Legal Aid Billing System

Lawsyst’s UK Legal Aid billing software makes the jobs easier for legal aid costs draftsman, bookkeepers and legal accountants. Thanks to the Lawsyst’s complete legal aid billing module, a practice manager or a legal aid billing professional in a law firm can now create their own legal aid submission files with required codes and costs pre-populated. The system keeps an eye on limits, allowed/disallowed codes and duplications. No need to spend days analysing and reconciling your legal aid bills. Lawsyst makes it easier and does it for you.

Legal Aid rates and fees are automatically calculated based on the region, designated or undesignated areas. Time recordings of a legal aid matter automatically use the rates published by the Legal Aid Agency.


LAA Contract Compliance

Compliance is at the forefront of Lawsyst’s legal aid billing module. Single click time entries and attendance notes creation, reports for time tracking, billed and unbilled entries filtered by staff and client cases are available literally with a single click both on desktop and mobile devices.


LAA Accounting

Lawsyst has a built-in double entry billing & accounting module, approved by the HMRC for Making Tax Digital initiative. In addition Lawsyst offers a silent integration with Xero* for those who wish to keep accounting separate from their case management software.

Lawsyst legal aid billing module supports both Crime and Civil contracts including Immigration, Family (Legal Help and Legal Aid), Mediation, Housing, Debt, Mental Health and Employment.

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