With Lawsyst Practice Management Software Manage Unlimited Clients Easily

Lawsyst is an all-in-one computer and telecom platform. This is your complete solution to running a legal practice. From running a marketing campaign, generating leads, sending newsletters, converting leads to clients, creating and managing matters, creating time sheets, disbursements, inwards & outward bills, invoices, online payment, VAT and accounts statements to telephone calls logs.

A Reliable Practice Management Software That Is Easy To Understand And Use

You need a reliable system at a cost that you can afford. The Lawsyst team works hard to keep the systems running so that you spend more time where it has more value. You can depend on us when it comes to providing solutions to your IT, telecom and office supplies.

Add Some Extra Efficiency in Your Work With Practice Management Software

You need to be seen efficient in your work, this is exactly what lawsyst helps you to be. With its intelligent workflows and deduplication of tasks, you will get more done with less. Your firm spends less and saves more. The End result is more profit.

No Matter Which Part of The World You’re In Lawsyst Is Accessible From Anywhere

You need to be able to access the system from anywhere, anytime? Lawsyst is in your pocket. It is a cloud based system which can be accessed from computers, tablets and mobile phones. If you run into a problem, your account manager is as accessible as your system is; just a key-press away.

With Lawsyst Practice Management Software Stay Compliant With Colp And Cofa

Staying on the right side of the regulators can sometimes be harder than it might appear. With lawsyst practice management software you can make it easier to stay compliant with COFA and COLP.

Secure Practice Management Software For Lawyers

Security of your data is the most important element. Unlike many cloud offerings lawsyst employs the principle of a separate server for each client. Your data will never be kept on a server where another law firm’s data is stored. Only you can authorise who can see what data within your system.