Lawsyst is a cloud based software platform for law firms. With this platform user can stay on top of their day to day tasks, clients, phone calls, matters, bills and invoices. Its flexibility allows firms to apply their processes and generate reports on the fly.

Lawsyst is specifically designed for the law firms, lawyers and sole practitioners to automate their practice effectively. Our customised case management software is designed to help you manage your practice in a way that all your needs are fulfiled. We help cater most areas of the law firms such as:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal
  • Family
  • Health
  • Immigration
  • Intellectual
  • Labour
  • Personal injury
  • Property
  • Tax law
  • Traffic law

We Value Our Clients So Much That We Constantly Make User Experience Better

We have worked hard to make the user experience easier. You do not need to go through so many screens and fill in the same information multiple times to complete a task. For example, you called a client (or a client called you); you do not have to go and create a time entry for this activity.

Our Goal Is To Make Your Practice Management More Easy

Lawsyst® is an all-in-one legal practice management solution with a simple goal that revolves around YOU, the user. Lawsyst is all about the customer experience. With lawsyst we aim to make your daily work as smooth as it can be and by using the same system you can make your customer’s experience as smooth as you can.


Every Feature You Have Ever Wanted Is Here in One Single Software

The team at lawsyst has been building IT and telecom solutions since 2000. We bring our experience to make your business better and more profitable. With lawsyst, you reduce the time of completing a task and eliminate duplication of tasks therefore your CPT (cost per task) is reduced and profitability is increased.

Lawsyst Is The Only Partner In Law That You’ll Ever Need

We see ourselves your potential partner-in-law. With our concierge service you only need to remember one name – lawsyst. Get in contact with us by pressing a button on your desk phone, mobile app or via the website. Your account manager will be at your service to organize what you need.


Get Rid Of All the Paper Work With Lawsyst Management Software

The team at lawsyt is passionate about the well-being of the earth and its tenants. Using lawsyst you are automatically contributing your bit to a lower carbon footprint. Use less paper, save trees (and a fortune!). Use less electricity promote green living.

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Free Demo

We believe in satisfying your practice needs to the fullest therefore we offer a free 7 days (limited functionality) trial to law firms. Please call us for clarifications around the limitations.

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