Legal Document Management Software

Lawsyst offers legal document management software that helps law firms and legal professionals manage their cases and documents more efficiently. From managing case files and creating court pleadings to drafting contracts and organizing client information, Lawsyst streamlines the entire legal process, making it faster, easier, and more affordable. With Lawsyst, lawyers can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time providing legal services to clients.

Lawsyst legal document management software is a valuable tool in the professional world, enabling legal teams and corporate organizations to streamline critical processes such as document storage, assembly, review, distribution, and archiving. Features such as better search capabilities, intelligent routing workflows and automated tasks can mean increased efficiency and compliance among users. With multiple levels of encryption for data protection against malicious attacks or breaches, our document management software provides an enhanced level of security for valuable corporate information.

Our document management software provides a reliable and secure way to store, find, share, automate, and collaborate. We make it easy for you to manage your legal work in one place so you can focus on what's important. Our software is used by businesses and law firms of all sizes and industries around the world. With Lawsyst, you can store your documents securely in the cloud, find documents quickly and easily with our powerful search engine, share documents with colleagues and clients with ease, automate document-related tasks such as email reminders and automatic updates and collaborate easily with colleagues on projects. Benefits also extend to on-demand access to secure data across multiple time zones with multi-platform compatibility.

Court Bundle Software

A paperless office is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses due to the many advantages associated with it. A paperless office heralding in cloud based court bundle software reduces time, money and risk while simultaneously allowing teams access to secure data wherever they may be. Documents can be easily shared between legal teams via multiple internet-enabled devices, eliminating the need for couriering large batches of paper back and forth.

Lawsyst legal court bundle software helps you organise, manage and share your most important documents. We make it easy for you to keep track of all your case related paperwork from start to finish. Our streamlined document management system means you can quickly and easily create court bundles, without having to worry about missing a single document.

Our court bundle software solutions provide an efficient and cost-effective way for legal professionals to manage a wide range of documents connected with legal proceedings. They enable documents and records related to a particular case to be securely uploaded, organized, indexed, and managed in a central repository and easily accessed by multiple parties involved or interested in the proceedings. It also offer additional features such as quick search capabilities, support for document annotations and hyperlinks (PDFs), content classification and indexing, digital signature integration, tracking user access history and more. Such solutions also allow users to share information with outside parties through secure encrypted transmission mediums such as email or cloud storage services. Ultimately, Lawsyst court bundle software solutions are invaluable tools that help streamline crucial workflows in the judicial process that ensure safety and accuracy when managing confidential information.

Best Court Bundle Software

Lawsyst offers the best court bundle software that can help to streamline the process of creating and managing court bundles, reducing paperwork and allowing data to be securely stored off-site in the cloud. Furthermore, court bundle software featuring digital annotation technology allows attorneys to quickly highlight specific sections of evidence relevant to their argument as well as make notes regarding witness statements during trials.

Lawsyst makes it easy for lawyers to create indexed, numbered, and hyperlinked bundles from anywhere. We offer a simple and intuitive platform that helps you manage your cases more effectively. Moreover, creating professional-quality bundles without sacrificing time or accuracy is made much easier by graphical user interfaces that show an overview of all pages and corresponding links in the bundle. This allows users to quickly identify exactly which sections of their documents need hyperlinking or importing into multiple formats for multi-platform access. Our professional and best court bundle software ensures efficient organization of your documents while saving time and increasing productivity.

Lawsyst court bundle software is an invaluable tool for any size of organisation, offering efficient storage and organisation of documents for litigation. It can improve the speed and accuracy of document preparation, cut costs associated with paper filing, and provide a secure platform for collaboration between everyone involved in a case. Our court bundle software is reliable and secure, so you can be confident that your data is safe. With Lawsyst, you can focus on your core business objectives.

Court Bundling Software

Lawsyst offers one of the best court bundling software to organisations of all sizes from large law firms to small and medium sized practices. Our intuitive, easy-to-use interface ensures that you can create perfect bundles every time, quickly and effortlessly. Our court bundling software cut costs associated with paper filing and provide a secure platform for collaboration.

We offer a full range of legal court bundling software solutions for start-ups and small law firms, as well as ongoing support to keep you up to date as your business grows. From managing court bundles, reducing paperwork and hyperlinking or importing into multiple formats for multi-platform, we have experts on hand to give you the best solution. As well as providing advantages such as easy bundling and indexing to help legal teams search documents quickly and easily, it also features enhanced security features for optimal data protection. This can include robust encryption protocols to limit internal or external access and dedicated support when needed. Overall, our court bundling software provides an effective solution that helps organisations meet their litigation needs while ensuring they remain compliant with legal standards.

Our court bundling software ensures efficient organization of your documents while saving time and increasing productivity. As part of our commitment to providing exceptional service, we also offer a demo so you can find out exactly what we can do for you. Contact Lawsyst today to find out more about our court bundling software solutions.

Easy to Use Software Platform For Creating Document Bundles

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours creating court document bundles. With our SaaS document bundling platform, you can create document bundles with correct sections and pagination on the fly. This no longer is a laborious task. You might start loving your job again.

It has commercial benefits to it too. The software not only pays for itself but earns for you in the sense that the time you used to spend on creating bundles manually can now be invested in your core job that earns you money.

Our court bundling software can be used as part of the case management system or as a standalone subscription. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer/tablet.

Commonly Used File Formats

Support of most commonly used file formats, i.e. word, excel, outlook, jpeg and pdf etc.

Drag & drop files

Drag & drop files into the repository or link with an online storage facility, such as OneDrive, GoogleDrive or DropBox.

Cover & Index Pages

Optionally create Cover & Index Pages automatically to give a professional image.

Proper Pagination

No need to spend hours organising pages and sections. Bundlu does it for you.

Include / Exclude Sections

Creating a custom bundle has never been easier. Include or exclude sections or pages as necessary.

Easy Editing

Add or remove pages as they become available. Create or remove sections with just one click.

Move Pages Between Sections

Simple drag & drop page move between sections. Move page location within a section or anywhere on the document.

Merge or Split

Merge two or more files or if you like to split a large document into many, that is easily done too.

Watermarked Versions

Watermarked draft versions if needed.

Automatic Versioning

Bundlu creates versioning of your documents automatically so that you have a track of changes.

And more…

There are many more salient features. Bundlu is available with the leading case management system lawsyst.

Bundle Add-In Packages & Pricing

Each package offers a set number of bundle credits. Bundle credits are consumed when a final bundle is created. The number of credits required depends on the number of pages in a bundle. Please use the help icon under each package to determine the number of
credits required -vs- number of pages in a bundle.


£ 5.49 per credit
Bundle Pages Credits Needed Cost per Bundle
101 5.49
50 210.98
100 316.47
£10.00 5.49ex VAT (or £6.59 incl. VAT)
  • Product Details
  • Ideal for occasional use
  • 20 days retention
  • Ideal for solo practitioner
  • Single user license


£ 3.40 per credit
Bundle Pages Credits Needed Cost per Bundle
101 3.40
£34.00 16.99ex VAT (or £20.39 incl. VAT)
  • Product Details
  • Upto 5 bundle credits
  • 130 days retention
  • Best for small practice
  • Upto 5 users license


£ 2.67 per credit
Bundle Pages Credits Needed Cost per Bundle
£100.00 39.99ex VAT (or £47.99 incl. VAT)
  • Product Details
  • Upto 15 bundle credits
  • 130 days retention
  • Medium size practice
  • Upto 15 users license


£ 1.83 per credit
Bundle Pages Credits Needed Cost per Bundle
£120.00 54.99ex VAT (or £65.99 incl. VAT)
  • Product Details
  • Upto 30 bundle credits
  • 130 days retention
  • Multi branch firm
  • Upto 30 users license


£ 0.90 per credit
Bundle Pages Credits Needed Cost per Bundle
£200.00 89.99ex VAT (or £107.99 incl. VAT)
  • Product Details
  • Upto 100 bundle credits
  • 130 days retention
  • Multiple locations
  • Upto 250 users license

Assisted Service

£ 45.49 per credit
Bundle Pages Credits Needed Cost per Bundle
£86.40 45.49ex VAT (or £54.59 incl. VAT)
  • Product Details

  • Don't have time or can't be bothered? Send your files to us and we will create a bundle for you.

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